Monday, October 20, 2008

Eleven hours long

Brooke, Mariah, Molly, Sara, and Megan
Mariah celebrated her 15th birthday by spenting seven hours
doing what girls love to do, shop.

Standing behind the girls Vickie and Mariah's favorite YW leader, Susan

For a small college town San Luis Obispo has some uptown clothing stores, make-up stores, and great restaurants. We had a fabulous time laughing and watching the girls try on gowns, and all sorts of strange clothes. Susan and I love the youth. For us there was nothing we rather do than spend the day with these great girls.

After seven hours of shopping and spending hardly any money they were ready for pizza and two movies--the long hours and late night was clearly visible on the girls the next morning at church. Mariah had such fun she wants go to Santa Barbara shopping for her seventeenth birthday. Susan and I will be ready!

If you are wondering what happened to her sixteenth-keep watching and in a year from now you will see.

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wow, you girls look like you walked straight out of a magazine