Saturday, November 1, 2008

94 and Going Strong

This is the first time my mother has ever used her right of freedom-of-speech in a public place. Mom said she enjoyed herself, especially when the cars honks with approval.

Mom is on the right hand side going strong.

Our Stake President issued the 'last 100 hour' call to the entire Stake. This morning our ward hung 'vote yes on 8' reminders on doors. Then this afternoon we got together and stood with our signs in front of our Wal Mart shopping center in Arroyo Grande. We had about 60+ strong. We were really pleased with all the positive responses we got from cars passing by. There were some who voiced their 'vote no' opinions but most of them were to young to vote, so they don't count.

Hey, I even recruited our RV buddy (renter). He drove passed us and stopped when he saw me. He was more than willing to hold a sign.

Sam and Bret (from our ward) drove this truck up and down the 101 freeway most of the day. They both said it was worth the gas. The drivers really got a kick out of the sign. It was a very good day. Just three days to go!!!

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Looking good guys! Way to get out there and support a good cause, Grandma! We can't wait to see you guys!