Monday, November 3, 2008

FHE with 105 Pro Prop. 8's

One sign waving was fun but the second was better!!!

We joined our ward tonight for FHE on the corner of Grand Ave. and Oak Park. At one point we had up to 105!!! It was a thrill. The spirit was strong as we stood together.

Leo enjoyed visiting with those who apposed Prop. 8. They were mostly high school students.

After a hour Mom was getting tired of standing and was going to call-it-a-day. BUT when she heard the local news was across the street she hurried back to front of the sidewalk.

Tonight we will be clued to the TV.

This has been a long fight but our family is grateful to have been apart of it.

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Jocelyn said...

These are GREAT! I especially like the "jesus didn't teach hate" he didn't, but he did teach that marriage is between a man and a woman! I was out on a freeway over pass with all the kids last night and this morning with a big homemade sign. It made me feel so good inside knowning we are stanging up for the right!!