Monday, November 24, 2008

Twilight at Midnight

Mariah, Leo and I joined a large group from our ward to view the midnight showing of Twilight. Stephanie Myers is one of Mariah's favorite authors. We had a woman from our group set up chairs and a table at 9 AM that morning. We couldn't believe it, she is a die-heart Twilight lover; even her seventeen year old son, but he doesn't want anyone to know.
Our group was the first in line of about 200 people.

Sitting holding our spot took some work. Thank goodness for teenagers and Dads who didn't have to work that day. Mariah and I didn't show up until about 6PM ready for a six hour wait. Leo was the smart one he showed up at 10PM.

We had a blast! The time went by fast. Mariah and her friends walked to
Wal Mart to buy shirts to decorate while they waited.

The tee shirt says-
front "DOES YOUR MAN . . ."
back "SPARKLE?"
They turned out cute.

The theater handed out vampire teeth when we entered. Mariah won a
Twilight poster answering trivia questions before the movie started.

A few hours later the day was greeted by tired mothers and a few dads,
small seminary classes, and several high school teenage zombies.
It was worth it.

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You guys are crazy! Can't wait to see you on Friday! ~Becky